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Noel Garcia

Noel Garcia, Certified Crop Adviser

Noel Garcia is Ask the Plant®'s head Crop Production Consultant and Vice President of Operations for TPS Lab. He was trained and mentored by Esper K. (Kay) Chandler, the Certified Agronomist and Soil Scientist who spear-headed and co-founded the Ask the Plant® program with his business partner Dr. Albin D. Lengyel, a pioneer in the practical application of plant analysis, particularly petiole (leaf stem) sap testing.

His experience began in 1991, mastering the skills of laboratory work and field services. After the passing of Esper K. (Kay) Chandler in November 2008, he took over the helm of the Ask the Plant® program. Because of his experience and expertise, he began speaking at workshops for local groups and communities, including workshops for ACRES U.S.A. He has also been invited to speak with heads of agricultural organizations in the United States, Canada and parts of Europe.

Many of Ask the Plant®'s papers and videos are authored by or feature work from Mr. Garcia's immense experience and expert knowledge of superior crop production.

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Soil Microbiologist

Dr. Larry Zibilske, Soil Microbiologist

Dr. Larry Zibilske is an invaluable resource to the Ask the Plant® program and Vice President of Research for TPS Lab.

Formerly a senior research scientist with the USDA-ARS Kika de la Garza Subtropical Research Center in Weslaco, Texas, Dr. Zibilske's career includes 19 years at the University of Maine as tenured professor. The Ask the Plant® program is very fortunate and pleased to count on him as a Crop Production Consultant.

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