We trended almost perfect in all our nutrients and we were able to see that because of the TPSL program and all of their recommendations.

Blake Mathews, Mathews Farms – Oakley, Idaho

About TPS Lab

Established in 1938, TPS Lab was dedicated first and foremost to the needs of the agricultural community - to the farmers and the growers.

For over 75 years we have been perfecting the process of laboratory soil analysis, the Daubeny Extraction Method, utilizing Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to mimic the way plants naturally take in nutrients, and the Albrecht system of fertility balancing for optimum crop yields.

If you don't know what is in your soil or water, if you are at a loss to explain poor plant performance, if you have been told your soil or water or plants are beyond help, if you desire better yields and consistent harvest, or if you are unaware of the heavy metals in your soil, water and crops, WE CAN HELP!

Our spectrum of services range from mail-in soil test kits for the at-home enthusiast, to resell services for commercial providers such as nurseries, landscapers and greens-keepers, to government contracts, agricorps and universities all over the world.

In conjunction with the most accurate of laboratory results in the industry and the closest to Nature of methods, TPS Lab specializes in soil fertility and plant nutrition. We have trained and certified professionals who have interpreted tens of thousands of soil test over many years.

Our proprietary Ask the Plant® program allows you to dynamically adjust your fertilization program to accommodate your crop's ever-changing nutritional requirements throughout the growing season resulting in higher crop yields, reduced water use, eliminating fertilizer waste and ensuring a healthy, safe product.

Please contact us today at 956-383-0739 and speak with us about your needs.

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